What we believe

The Pirate Party in the UK adopted a set of nine principles on which its policies are based. All the policies and ideas you see here, as well as the stances we take in our advocacy, local or national campaigning, come from these seven principles. They determine whether we can or cannot support a specific initiative and they should be sufficient to determine our position on any number of issues, whether outlined in our manifesto or additional policy documents or not:

Our Policies

Democracy is in crisis in the United Kingdom. Whether it is online or on the doorstep, people are telling us that they feel alienated, ignored, that they have given up voting as it changes nothing.

It's this sense of powerlessness over the forces that shape our lives and the space around us that is so worrying in the UK today. Creeping privatisation means all aspects of our society are being divided up and parcelled out. It can be impossible to find out who is responsible for the most basic aspects of our environment, public spaces and services, let alone get anyone to do anything about it.

The Pirate Party develops policy in a collaborative manner, allowing anyone to have input and ultimately allowing its members to make the decision as to what the party stands for. The policies you find on these pages are the result of a process that allows us to refine and continually assess our positions, a process that we would encourage you to take part in.